About MIXD

Mixd Fashion is here to break the rules of athleisure wear, by making fun and girl power the heart of our brand. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, our high end garments are custom made from patterns, fittings, to the final product.


A classic Mixd piece stands out by our imagination of color and textures, with a underlying sporty theme. Mixd Fashion loves to celebrate and dress the unstoppable females, the go getters, the creative ballers.

We strive for world domination, one girl at a time.Don't let the world define you by one category, show your Mixd girl.


CEO+Designer: Jada Taylor


  Throughout my life people have tried to fit me into categories. My family has taught me to not define myself by the opinions of others.

 My fashion brand MIXD, is showing the world what girls are and what they can be, and that all girls don't fit into any category. DON'T  LET THE WORLD DEFINE YOU BY ONE CATEGORY,SHOW YOUR MIXD GIRL.